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Stop wasting $$$ on bottled water!

Enjoy an endless supply of truly great tasting, highly-filtered and alkalized water right from your new filtered faucet.

Our under-sink reverse osmosis system with added alkaline filter stage not only provides great tasting water like you’ve never had before, and it’s healthy for you too!

No more expensive and wasteful plastic bottles!

Protect your home from hard water damage!

Hard water is quietly costing you a fortune and causing you hard labor!

Hard water buildup is destroying your plumbing pipes and shortening the lifespan of your water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, coffeemaker, sink and shower faucets, etc.

Hard water also leaves behind those tough-to-clean limescale deposits. The white, orange, or green deposits caked to your tiles, glass shower doors, and faucets.

Stop scrubbing your showers and tiles to remove hard water limescale stains. Get soft water and stop scrubbing!

How do you know if you have hard water? See our article on getting your home’s water tested.


Softened, Clean Water Protects Your Home & Your Health!

Enjoy the benefits of luxurious soft water and clean, filtered drinking water.

  • Safe, clean, and great tasting drinking water
  • Better tasting coffee, tea, & juice
  • Clean water for cooking
  • Soft, clean water for showers & baths
  • No more limescale deposits to clean
  • Extend the life of your appliances
  • Protects your water heater
  • Cleaner clothes
  • Less soap & detergent

There is only two ways to treat hard water.

#1 Chemically, which is costing consumers hundreds and thousands of dollars a year.

#2 Mechanically, a water softener will eliminate all of the chemicals and hard water deposits, leaving you with softened H2O throughout your home.

Soft water will protect all water-based appliances from corrosion and leave your home free of all hard water stains and scale build up.

It’s easier than ever with our ZERO down payment plan!

We’re currently installing Water Softener & Filtration Systems in Ontario, Chino, Menifee, Marietta, Hemet, Moreno Valley, Paris, Temecula, San Jacinto, Inland  Empire and all surrounding cities. 

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How Much $$$ is Hard Municipal Water Costing You?

Hard water is filled with minerals and other sediment.

It leaves behind what’s known as limescale, which are hard, chalky water deposits you see on your water faucets, sinks, shower heads, bath and shower doors, tiles, and in the foggy appearance of “clean” glasses from a dishwasher, etc.

Limescale makes it a constant chore to keep these fixtures clean and try to make them last a long time.

Little by little limescale is also leaving deposits inside your pipes and appliances. These minerals are eating away at your pipes and shortening the life-cycles of your:

  • plumbing pipes
  • water heater
  • washing machine
  • dishwasher
  • sink, shower and tub faucets
  • shower heads
  • automatic ice makers
  • coffee makers
  • drinking water filtration devices

Getting a high-quality whole house water softener and filtration systems with a reverse osmosis filtration system under your kitchen sink is the best way to extend the useful life of your appliances and also enjoy the luxury of smooth, soft, and clean water.

Click here to learn more about how a water softener works on our blog and water softeners in general on Wikipedia.

Also see our article on How to Size A Water Softener.


R.T. Olson Plumbing are your water-filtration specialists

We supply and install Custom Whole House Water Softeners & Multi-Stage Filtration Systems with under-sink Reverse Osmosis systems for drinking water and cooking.

The whole-house water filtration removes contaminants in 5 stages:

  • Stage 1 removes chlorine, some heavy metals, and is bacteriostatic (prevents bacterial growth)
  • Stage 2 removes chloramines and hydrogen sulfide
  • Stage 3 uses granulated active carbon to remove chlorine and improve the taste of water
  • Stage 4 uses resin that removes hardness from water caused by calcium, magnesium, or calcium bi-carbonate
  • Stage 5 uses a specialized gravel to act as a filtering agent and stabilizer

This home water-filtration system is certified to NSF/ANSI standards. It features a full electronic display with easy access front panel settings.

Health Benefits of Clean Drinking Water

Water is life, and healthy water is important for a healthy body. It’s pretty simple really.

After the water supply into the home has been properly filtered before it flows through all the pipes and appliances, there is still the issue of getting the best possible drinking water.

Our under-sink Reverse Osmosis & Alkaline water filtration systems provide up to 50 gallons per day of:

  • safe, clean delicious water for drinking and cooking
  • alkaline water for better taste & health
  • better tasting coffee, tea, and soups
  • great water for low sodium diets
  • an attractive filter spigot to match your faucet

Apply now for zero-down financing and save $$$ over bottled water! Click the button below to get started. 

Reverse Osmosis & Alkaline Water Filtration


Reverse Osmosis Filtration & Alkaline Systems by RT Olson Plumbing

Under-sink filtration systems

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) process removes a wide spectrum of impurities from your drinking and cooking water.

The water is pushed through a membrane with microscopic holes in it that filters out 99.99% of everything in the water. These impurities are automatically rinsed down the drain.

RO water is acidic, usually around 4.0, and lacks the basic healthy minerals found in water.

The final stage of filtration is the Alkaline filter, which filters the water through healthy minerals to raise the pH back to a balanced pH of around 7.0.

Common tap water is usually 7.0 pH. 

Better than bottled water!

The water you get from your new RO filter spigot is clean, clear water that is purified better than all of the over-priced bottled waters purchased in stores.

At 50 gallons per day, an RO filtration system will more than adequately supply all your cooking and drinking needs. This is a far more effective and cost-efficient way of providing clean drinking water than buying bottled water forever.

Don’t forget your pets! The cost/gallon of R.O. filtered water is so low in comparison to buying bottled water that you can happily give your pets the benefit of clean, filtered drinking water.

Zero Down Financing


Financing is available with monthly payments that are often lower than what you’re currently spending on bottled water and extra soap and detergents.

Save $$$ versus buying bottled water and have clean water everywhere in the house! Save on scrubbing, soaps, appliances, and more! Enjoy great tasting water! Click the button to get started now. 

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Water Softener and Filter System

Benefits of Softened & Filtered Water

The benefits of having a top-quality whole-house water filtration system installed include:

  • elimination of chlorine and other chemicals from your water
  • no smell of ammonia or chlorine in your showers
  • improved water heater performance
  • cleaner, softer skin and hair
  • helps skin pores stay unblocked
  • less need for lotions and oils
  • shampoos and soaps lather better and rinse more thoroughly
  • baths once again feel luxurious
  • all faucets and sinks stay cleaner
  • showers and tubs are easier to clean
  • no mineral discolorations of toilets, sink drains, etc.
  • eliminates scrubbing & chemical cleaners
  • clothes last about 33% longer & come out cleaner, softer, brighter
  • appliances & fixtures last longer and stay cleaner
  • glassware, silverware, and dishes stay cleaner and shinier
  • filters for drinking water last longer
  • less usage of laundry and dish detergents
  • significant money savings!

Hard Water Causes Serious Damage!

Your appliances will need to be replaced sooner if hard water is allowed to deteriorate them.

This is because any fixtures or appliances in your home that have hard, unfiltered water running through them are becoming gradually clogged with mineral deposits.

Running hard water through water heaters, dish washers, washing machines, coffee makers, faucets, and shower-heads causes them to wear out 30% faster because of the corrosive nature of hard water.

But it’s not just appliances and fixtures are affected:

  • Clothing washed in hard water deteriorates more quickly than clothing washed in soft water. The microscopic scale picture of limescale above shows the rough edges that get caught in fabrics during a wash cycle, slowly wearing them down and making them feel stiff or rough.
  • Fine dishes and glasses are gradually etched by hard water until they become less shiny or fogged in appearance.
  • Your hair and skin are dried by hard water, increasing the need for lotions and conditioners.

If you want your hair and skin to feel cleaner and softer after bathing, it is necessary to get the calcium,  magnesium, and other compounds out of your water.

If you want freshly laundered clothing to feel softer and cleaner, it is necessary to soften the water they are washed and rinsed in.

Soap Scum & Hard Water

If after a shower of bath, you still feel a bit grimy or like there is a filmy layer on your skin, this is because the calcium in hard water combines with the soap so it doesn’t dissolve off the skin as completely as it would in soft water.

What you are feeling is a residue of soap scum left on your skin. Bathing in softened water rinses your skin more thoroughly, leaving it cleaner, softer, and less prone to dryness and itching.

But soap scum also forms a thin film on the interior surfaces of baths, sinks, and drainage pipes. The hard water in Riverside County, if left untreated, will:

  • corrode and narrow pipes and heating elements
  • shorten the life of appliances, from coffee makers to water heaters
  • permanently stain faucets, sinks, toilets, shower and tub surrounds
  • break down fabrics washed in hard water

Apply now for zero-down financing and save $$$ over bottled water! Click the button below to get started. 

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