Automated Leak Detection & Shut-Off!

The Moen Flo® water leak detection device is absolutely one of the best new device ideas we’ve ever seen.

A water leak can be extremely damaging to your home, especially if you’re not home when it happens.

Every week we see at least a half-dozen homes that have suffered bad to severe water damage due to plumbing water leaks in slab foundations, walls, ceilings, or attics.

People are displaced into hotels while the plumbing is fixed and all the wet walls, ceilings, and floors are either removed or professionally dried in place.

We’ve seen so much water damage that I’ve invested in a water damage mitigation company called Dry County Restoration to help homeowners who experience damaging water leaks go through the whole healing process of restoring your home back to normal.

Did you know water damage to your home is five (5) times more likely than theft and fire combined?

The value of having a device that would automatically shut-off your water in the case of a leak when you’re not home, is nearly priceless.

Well, we recently bumped into such a device. The Moen Flo, smart water shut-off. 

Moen Flo - leak detector and shut off

Image Credit: Flo by Moen

This new WiFi leak detection device attaches to the main water line coming into your home, and can detect water flow to as little as one drop per minute, and either alert you and await instructions or automatically shut-off your water depending on your settings.

It provides 24/7 protection. You can turn the water on-and-off from your smartphone, wherever you are in the world.

Because it measures flow rate down to a drop per minute, it detects leaks in floors, foundations, walls, and ceilings. Unlike those floor pad detectors, this device finds ALL leaks from the point of supply.

The Moen Flo® will identify underground water leaks that show nothing but water usage.

If a pipe springs a bad leak or bursts, the Moen Flo® device will automatically detect it and shut off all water to the house.

Have you every left the house with a faucet or toilet still running? The included smart phone app would alert you and let you turn the water off remotely.

The smart phone app also provides you with daily water usage, pressure, and temperature data. Over time this can help you see patterns and plan for household water usage.

You may even get a discount on your homeowners insurance after installation.

Requires WiFi connection and standard AC/DC power connection. Everything else needed is in the package.

We’re NOT Amazon or Moen affiliates. We don’t earn a penny if you click any of our links and buy something from them.

Our experience tells us this is a helpful new product every homeowner would want and every home should be built with.

We do provide installation services for this device should you require the help. We can also purchase the product for you and install it. Book an appointment here.


Source: Flo by Moen on Amazon.


Check out the video!

Flo by Moen® Leak Detector & Shut-Off

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