The last thing anyone wants to see are little black specks floating around in their drinking water.

For those of us who get our drinking water from a refrigerator, this alarming issue can occur when the ice and water filter is not routinely replaced.

The debris that can escape an expired water filter can carry dangerous pollutants, viruses, and bacteria.

Clean drinking water is a must.

If you’re uncertain about when to change the water filter, many fridges have a light that indicates when the filter has become expired.

Some even have three lights–one to indicate that the filter is fine, another to indicate that the filter will need changing soon, and a third to indicate the filter needs to be changed now.

Here’s our do-it-yourself tip on:

How To Replace The Ice & Water Filter In Your Refrigerator

Note: You’ll want to ask an associate at a plumbing, appliance, or hardware store which filters you should buy depending on your refrigerator brand and model.

You may have to take the current filter to the store to ensure proper model replacement.

What You’ll Need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • A new filter
  • A towel
  • A cup

Step One: Locate the fridge’s water filter. The location will vary by brand and model.

Many recent refrigerators have their filter on the lower left side in the plastic grille between the fridge and the floor.

Older models may keep theirs in the freezer above the ice.

Note: For this DIY, we’ll focus on the newer models that keep the filter near the floor.

Step Two: Lay a towel down on the floor to catch any dripping water when you start this process.

Put on your rubber gloves so that you don’t touch any contaminants. 

Step Three: There may be a plastic push-button beside the filter cartridge’s cap.

Press this firmly to pop the filter out, and gently pull it out by the cap.

Remove the cap and set it aside. Be sure to clean it thoroughly if necessary. 

Step Four: Remove the new filter from the packaging and pop off the caps at the end that will connect to the inside of your fridge.

Take the cleaned cap from the old filter and place it on the new filter’s other end.

On most filters, you will only have to turn it once clockwise to snap it into place. 

Step Five: Line the new filter up with the hole and press it into place. Push firmly until you hear a click. 

Step Six: Bleed the line, or purge the air from the waterline.

Do this by filling up a few cups of water from the fridge tap.

Do not be alarmed by bursts of trapped air spitting out with the water.

Just keep filling glasses of water until this stops happening. 

Step Seven: Some fridges will need you to reset the filter status light manually.

If so, there will be a labeled reset button for you to press.

Instructions on how many times to hit the button or how long to hold it may vary by different fridges.

Instructions will likely be on the button’s label or at least in the owner’s manual.

In the end, you can enjoy a cold, clean glass of water!

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