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If you’ve got HARD WATER, it’s quietly costing you a fortune!

Hard water minerals eat away at your plumbing and drastically shorten the life of your:

  • plumbing pipes
  • water heater
  • washing machine
  • dishwasher
  • faucets
  • shower heads
  • ice maker
  • coffee maker
  • water filtration devices
  • sinks, baths, and tile

Hard water also causes hard labor, by the difficult-to-clean limescale and soap-scum it leaves behind.

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Benefits of a Water Softener include:

  • improved water heater performance
  • cleaner, softer skin and hair
  • helps skin pores stay unblocked
  • less need for lotions and oils
  • shampoos and soaps lather better and rinse more thoroughly
  • baths once again feel luxurious
  • all faucets and sinks stay cleaner
  • showers and tubs are easier to clean
  • no mineral discolorations of toilets, sink drains, etc.
  • eliminates scrubbing & chemical cleaners
  • clothes last about 33% longer & come out cleaner, softer, brighter
  • pipes, appliances & fixtures last longer and stay cleaner
  • glassware, silverware, and dishes stay cleaner and shinier
  • filters for drinking water last longer
  • less usage of laundry and dish detergents
  • significant money savings!

Hard water is filled with minerals and other sediment.

It leaves behind what’s known as limescale, which are hard, chalky water deposits you see on your water faucets, sinks, shower heads, bath and shower doors, tiles, and in the foggy appearance of “clean” glasses from a dishwasher, etc.

It’s not just appliances and fixtures that are affected:

  • Inside you pipes and appliances a buildup of minerals occurs and begins to clog water flow, increase pressure, and create leaks.
  • Clothing washed in hard water fades and deteriorates more quickly than clothing washed in soft water.
  • Fine dishes and glasses are gradually etched by hard water until they become less shiny or fogged in appearance.
  • Your hair and skin are dried by hard water, increasing the need for lotions and conditioners.

Hard water prevents soaps and shampoos from sudsing and cleaning properly.

Soaps are less effective in hard water because of the mineral salts within hard water.

Soap scum is a common by-product of using soap or shampoos in hard water. The sodium in soaps binds to the hard water minerals and leaves behind a hard-to-clean film of soap scum (on your skin and hair too!).

Softened water results in more effective cleaning action and less soap and detergent usage. It also eliminates soap scum and limescale deposits.

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