What’s in Your Water?

Have you tested your home’s water for corrosive hard-water minerals, arsenic, lead, pollutants, and more?

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Common Water Contaminants

Potential Municipal Water Hazards

eat away at your appliances, pipes, and faucets

from corrosive plumbing pipes, fixtures, or solder


Harmful Chemicals

Potential Well Water Hazards

naturally occurring chemicals
(arsenic, radon, uranium)

Land Use Chemicals
(fertilizers, pesticides, etc)

Sewer Overflows

Fracking Chemicals

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Stop wasting $$$ on bottled water!

Enjoy an endless supply of truly great-tasting, highly-filtered and alkalized water right from your kitchen faucet.

Our under-sink reverse osmosis system with it’s alkaline filter stage provides great-tasting water like you’ve never had before, and it’s healthy for you too!

No more expensive and wasteful plastic bottles!

Alkalize your drinking water for great taste and good health!

Protect your home from hard water damage!

Hard water can quietly cost you a fortune and cause hard labor!

hard water is eating away at your:

plumbing pipes
water heater
washing machine
sink, shower and tub faucets
shower heads
automatic ice makers
coffee makers
drinking water filtration devices

Hard water also leaves behind those tough-to-clean limescale deposits on your tub, tiles, glass shower doors, and faucets.

Zero $ Down Financing

It’s easier than ever to enjoy great-tasting clean water!

Pay LESS than you’re probably already spending on bottled water.

ZERO money down
no payments for 30 days
choice of terms
easy application
costs LESS than bottled water
12 month same-as-cash option

We have several financing plans available for various credit levels.

Contact us for more information or to apply today.

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Benefits of Softened & Filtered Water

Safe, clean, and great-tasting drinking water

Better tasting coffee, tea, & juice

Clean water for cooking

Soft, clean water for showers & baths

No more limescale deposits to clean

Extend the life of your appliances

Protects your water heater

Cleaner clothes

Use less soap & detergent

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