Unclogging A Bathroom Sink

Is the bathroom sink draining too slow?

There’s likely a clog that needs to be cleared.

Not all pipes are compatible with chemical solvents, so you may want to try plunging the sink or pouring boiling water down the drain.

If these quicker options don’t solve the problem, you can take the piping apart to clear the clog directly.

What you’ll need:

  • A bucket
  • A wire or a drain snake (a bent metal hanger works fine)
  • A mask to cover your mouth
  • Protective goggles or glasses

Step One: First, unscrew the wingnut that holds the lever for the stopper.

You can turn it by hand, and it should be loose enough to give without trouble (never overtighten).

Step Two: When it comes loose, pull the lever out to free the stopper.

Pull the stopper out of the sink and set it aside for cleaning.

Step Three: Once the stopper is out of the way, but the bent hanger or wire into the drain and pull up whatever blockages you can reach so far.

Step Four: Place the bucket under the P-trap.

This is the U-shaped pipe.

The P-trap’s purpose is to let standing water prevent fumes from creeping back up into the room through the pipes.

Be sure to have your gloves, protective eyewear, and mask on.

Step Five: Loosen the slip joints on either end of the P-trap.

These should also be loose enough to do by hand.

When the joints are loose, water will start to spill into the bucket.

Let it drain a little before removing the P-trap.

Step Six: Clean out the P-trap.

Avoid breathing the fumes that escape it.

You can use hot water or the wire to clear out obstructions.

Step Seven: Loosen the slip joint for the gooseneck pipe against the wall.

When it’s removed, clean it with the wire.

Step Eight: Feed a snake, wire, or bent hanger into the wall and pull out as much obstruction as possible.

Step Nine: Put the gooseneck and the P-trap back where they were.

Remember not to over-tighten.

Step Ten: Put the pop-up stopper back in place.

Fit the lever back into the hole at the bottom of the stopper and tighten the wingnut.

We hope that helps you unclog your sink(s). if you need professional plumbing help, check out our $99 drain cleaning special from our drain cleaning services here.

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