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We repair & replace sewer lines

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For in-house drain clogs in sinks, tubs, and toilets, see our drain cleaning service from Corona CA.

Causes of main sewer line damage

  • tree roots
  • crushed, cracked, or broken pipes
  • hard water corrosion
  • blockages
  • extreme weather

Common signs of sewer line damage

  • mold buildup on floors or walls
  • foul odor inside home our outside in yard
  • flooded and foul odor in yard
  • multiple repeated clogs in drains inside the home

Common sewer line repair options

Preventative maintenance for sewer lines

  • Get the sewer line inspected annually
  • Remove trees near the sewer and water lines
  • Avoid placing anything other than toilet tissue and waste into the drains
  • Avoid sending lots of food into the garbage disposal
  • Avoid flushing wipes or paper towels in toilets
  • Avoid pouring grease or oils into drain
  • Use hair catchers in tubs and showers

    Sewer Cleaning Services

    tree roots clogging sewer line

    Root intrusions into your sewer line

    About 80% of all sewer blockages are caused by roots getting into sewer lines. It mostly happens where there are cracked pipes, and in older systems in maturely developing landscaping.

    We have powerful hydro-jetting equipment to scour your sewer-lines clear of roots, sludge, and other obstructions. We also run a video camera down the line to look for other damage and any roots further down the line.

    In the past, finding and fixing root intrusions were laborious and expensive. With these newer trench-less methods, there’s no reason to let your sewer lines become backed up.


    image of hydro-jetting tool blasting water to clear inside of sewer drain pipe

    Hydro-Jetting Solutions

    Sewer Jetters use a high pressure water jetting system. The procedure involves blasting roots and other obstructions out of the pipes with laser-like high pressured water jets.

    Hydro-Jetting Service For Deeper Sewer Line Clogs & Landscape Drains

    Long plumbing snakes with or without augur heads may punch a hole in a clog, but not get rid of the built-up sludge inside pipes that leads to the blockages.

    Hydro-jetting is a very powerful and thorough method of sewer cleaning.  Hydro-Jetting literally scours your drain and sewer lines clean with water pressure.

    It uses laser-fine jets of highly pressurized water to cut roots and pry loose sludge. It removes soils, sand, grease, and any other built-up contaminants that slow the flow or block  your sewer drainage.

    Why Does A Hydro Jetter Work So Well?

    Drain Jetting scours three ways:

    • Forward-facing jets forcefully clear debris in front of the Jetter.
    • Rear-facing jets flush the line as they propel the hose further down the pipe.
    • Rotating nozzles cut roots and scour away grease and sludge.

    At 3,500 to 4,000 PSI the water jets are powerful enough to blast away the main clogs. At the same time they flush out all loosened debris and sludge build-ups from the sewer-lines.

    And since there’s no heavy-duty metal cabling or augur, sewer jetting is known to be the safest for the interior walls of pipes.

    It’s not just for sewer lines, hydro-jetting successfully scours and flushes out any drain size, from 1-inch home drains to large municipal sewer lines.

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    Hydro-jetting clogged drain by RT Olson Plumbing - Corona CA

    Hydro-jetting is a great solution for:

    • Soft clogs in narrower in-house drain lines
    • Blockages in main drain pipes and sewer lines
    • Accumulated sludge and debris along pipe walls
    • Removing odors due to slime film inside pipes
    • Tree root removal
    • When pipe replacement is either not possible or very costly
    • Landscape drains

    Hydro-Jetting is Good Preventive Maintenance

    Hydro-jetting is a comparatively easy procedure for cleaning pipes. This makes it a good way to apply preventive maintenance on your sewer and drain pipes. Periodic cleaning keeps debris and other harmful deposits from narrowing and eventually obstructing your drainage system or destroying your sewer and drain pipes.

    If you’re having issues with your sewer and drainage system, or if you know that your pipes have not been cleaned for sometime give us a call and we’ll clear your drains of any obstruction with the use of our specialized water jetting equipment!

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