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Over 500 Five-Star Customer Reviews!

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Do You Need to Repipe Your Corona Area Home?

Why wait until disaster strikes?

If your home has plumbing pipes over 30 years old, it’s time to repipe the home before a flooding disaster strikes.

Plumbing pipes and joints are good for 25 to 30 years then they start leaking and bursting, most commonly in slab foundations.

We’ve got hard water here in Riverside County, and that shortens the life-span of pipes and joints.

Slab leaks can be very costly and tear up your flooring.

Pipe bursts can do serious water damage to a home very quickly, especially if no one is home at the time.

Protect your house with a full or partial repipe today.

Financing available at $50 month on approved credit.

Call RT Olson Plumbing to the rescue. We’ll come out, inspect the plumbing, and give you a fair flat-rate price to do the whole job, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

R.T. Olson Plumbing are Repipe Specialists in Corona CA

Our flat-rate pricing provides you peace of mind that there will NO hidden surprises.

We provide spot, re-route, and whole house repiping for homes, businesses, home builders, and real estate management companies.

  • Guaranteed repairs
  • Slab leaks and spot repairs
  • Re-route one or more lines
  • Whole house repipe
  • 25 year warranty
  • Family-owned & operated
  • PEX repiping
  • Copper repiping
  • Permitting
  • Financing options

No Money Down Financing Available

on approved credit

  • ZERO $ money down
  • NO payments for 30 days
  • Choice of terms
  • Easy application
  • 12 month same-as-cash option
home flooded by leaking plumbing pipe

Old Plumbing Pipes Should Be Replaced Before They Leak

Of course leaks don’t just happen in the foundation, they can happen anywhere and can do serious damage to your home.

Do you notice wet spots or mildew appearing on floors, walls, or ceilings?

Are there wet spots outside near the home?

Do you hear water running?

The good news is that noise in the walls isn’t ghosts haunting you, but the bad news is you probably have a hidden water leak that needs to get fixed yesterday, before it becomes a very damaging and expensive problem.

Plumbing older than 15 years should be inspected.

If your home was built in the 1970’s you probably have galvanized plumbing pipes that need replacing before they cause major water damage to your home.

If your home was built in the 1920’s or earlier, it’s likely your pipes are made of lead, which can be very dangerous and must be removed as quickly as possible.

Zero Down Financing

Zero $ down financing can fund the entire job and help you prevent a water leak disaster. Contact us to learn more and get started. The application process is fast and simple.

Repiping Your Home with PEX Pipe

red and blue PEX pipe for whole house repipe
PEX pipe is the second most used pipe for water supply lines in America.

PEX stands for ‘cross-linked polyethylene’ which is a non-toxic and BPA-free plastic pipe that comes in long coils.

PEX pipe is very durable with life expectancy of 40 to 50 years. It has a 25 year warranty.


PEX pipe can cost 25-40% less than copper to repipe your home.

The easy to install PEX pipe coils can be run with a snake creating huge time and labor savings.

The long runs and less fittings provide for much less chance of future leaks.

The long runs and less fittings also use less materials which creates additonal savings.

PEX helps limit demolition in a repipe because it can be snaked into walls, which is not an option for copper pipe.

PEX also makes identifying pipes easier by coming in colors, blue for cold water and red for hot water.

  • more affordable
  • easier to install
  • less labor
  • flexible pipe
  • longer pipe runs
  • less fittings
  • less connections for future leaks
  • quieter flow of water
  • resistant to scale and chlorine
  • resistant to freezing and bursting
  • lead-free
  • installed without solvents, glues, solder, flux, or torches
  • approved for continuous hot-water circulation
  • 25 year warranty


Plastic of any kind can be hazardous in a house fire.

We use Aqua PEX pipes manufactured by Oponor right here in the U.S.A.

We choose Oponor because of their superior quality, patented fitting systems, and industry-leading 25 year warranty brings our customers peace of mind.

Oponor has been making the best quality PEX piping since 1980 in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

For more information see our article, “What is Pex piping?“.

Repiping with Copper

copper pipe and fittings
Copper supply lines are the gold standard for most home builders and plumbers.


Installed properly and with good city water conditions, type L copper pipe is durable and can last 50 – 70 years.

No plastic toxins come from copper pipe in the case of a house fire.

Copper is recyclable.


Copper pipe is more expensive.

Copper pipe is prone to pinhole leaks.

Hard water deteriorates copper and greatly shortens it’s lifespan.

Water can create loud noises going through copper pipes and fittings.

Copper is the hardest to install and requires the most materials.

Copper requires the most fittings, and fittings are all potential leaks.

Copper’s durability and reliability depends on three major factors:

1. quality and skill of the installation

2. quality of the pipe and fittings used

3. city water acidity and hard water deposits

Type L copper is the heaviest grade and best quality for above-ground use.

Type M copper pipe [has red print] is a lighter grade and not as durable or reliable. It was used for years by homebuilders but proved to have leak issues over time.

Depending on local code, Type M may not be permitted by your city any more.

Our Plumbing Repipe Process

Every home is unique and every homeowner has their own needs, desires, and budgets. With that in mind, here is a general outline of the process of a whole house repipe.

You do NOT have to leave the home for us to start or complete the repipe job.

Water will be turned off most of day two and part or all or day three but only while we work.

We provide you with water again when we pack up for each of those days.

Note: we have financing options available to help our customers be able to fix what can sometimes be costly repairs. Ask us about our zero money down financing.

Repiping a House: DAY ONE

RT Olson plumber using leak detection equipment

Step # 1 Find all water leaks

This is usually the first call. You have or had one or more leaks in your foundation slab or walls (and hopefully not a flood yet).

Or maybe your neighbor had a flood and you realized your water pipes are probably the same age as theirs. Yikes!

repipe price options with customer

Step # 2 Provide you a flat-rate price for three options:

a) spot repair – just fix the spot in the pipe that is leaking.

b) re-route – fix the leak and route the water line in a different way that would be less costly and with least amount of demolition required.

c) whole house repipe – replace the existing old and deteriorating water supply pipes with new PEX or copper pipes and fittings.

masking drywall to be cut for whole house repipe using PEX pipe

Step # 3 Design & Mask Off

If you choose to re-route just that line or to repipe the whole home our next step is to design the shortest, most efficient, and least costly path that will also require the least amount of drywall cuts and subsequent patching and painting.

drywall cutaways to repipe whole house with PEX pipe geo

Step # 4 Open Route & Run Pipe

The next step is to cleanly cut the drywall in the route.

We then install the new copper or PEX pipe.

Note: this route is greatly affectd by the pipe you choose. PEX pipe is flexible and can run places where copper cannot.

Re-route or Repipe: DAY TWO

RT Olson plumber repiping copper line to water heater geo

Step # 5 Turn OFF Water & Run New Pipes

On day #2 we will need to turn off the main water supply to the home.

We do this so we can begin tying in the new water pipes to the water heater, kitchen, and the first bathroom.

Re-route or Repipe: DAY THREE

copper repipe to water heater by RT Olson Plumbing

Step # 6 Connect Remaining Bathrooms

On day #3 we will turn off the main water supply to the home.

We then connect the new water lines to all remaining bathrooms and outdoor hose bibs.

Next we turn the water back on and inspect all pipes and fittings throughout the entire house.

Re-route or Repipe: DAY FOUR

plasterer repairing drywall

Step # 7  Patch Drywall

On day #4 we will patch all drywall cutaways and prepare them for painting.

This step includes using wall mud compound which takes a full day to dry properly and show a great painted finish.

Re-route or Repipe: DAY FIVE

painting is the final stage of plumbing repipe

Step # 8  Texturing & Painting

Day #5 is the last day.

We’ll sand the drywall patching, wipe it all down then start and complete all texturing and painting this day.

We do our best to make it look like we were never there.


happy customers

Step # 9  Happy Customers!

It was a process, but in the end you now have peace of mind with reliable water pipes throughout your home.

No more worrying about or dealing with the damages of water leaks in our homes.

Now you’ve got 25 year warranties on all new materials.

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