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Over 500 Five-Star Customer Reviews!

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FREE Water Leak Detection Service in Corona CA

(for plumbing, not pools)

We provide FREE leak detection services from our Corona CA location and serving Southwest Riverside County from Eastvale to Murrieta.

Water leaks can result in very expensive water bills and cause catastrophic damage to your home.

Don’t waste time or money, call us immediately if you suspect a water leak.

If you see any water damage, turn off the water to your home immediately, then call a leak specialist plumber.

How much does leak detection cost?

We provide FREE Water Leak Detection with no strings attached.

The average rate for leak detection across southern California is around $350 to $400 for guaranteed leak locating using high-tech sound, thermal, and camera equipment.

That is the range of what most insurance companies usually pay plumbers for locating and capping a typical water leak.

We charge nothing to you, the homeowner, for leak detection. We accept whatever insurance will pay if you file a claim.

We’ll find any water leak (no swimming pools)

We guarantee to find any water leak no matter how difficult it is to locate.

We use non-invasive and non-destructive techniques.

If the leak source is unknown, we start with a simple water meter leak test to isolate if it’s indoors or out.

Next we’ll use high-tech leak detection equipment to to find the leak and eliminate the need to open walls, ceilings, and floors.

After we locate the leak, we’ll present you with all options to fix it with flat-rate prices to do so.

We accept & can work with your insurance company

If you have water damages, we’ll also provide a FREE water damage report for your insurance company and work with your adjuster as needed if you choose us to repair the plumbing.

We’ve got a ton of experience working homeowners and insurance companies on water leak and damage claims. We’ll guide you through the process to help you get your claim completed successfully.

For more insurance info, see our article title, “Does insurance cover water damage repair costs?

What if we have mold?

We are certified mold remediation experts and can clean and remove mold related to water damage.

Your insurance may help, but there are strict restrictions on what is covered. For more info see our article, Does homeowners insurance cover mold from water damage?”

we work with all homeowners insurances for water leak repairs - RT Olson Plumbing

FREE Plumbing Leak Detection Services:

  • water leak detection
  • slab leak detection
  • sewer leak detection
  • underground water leak detection

Plumbing Leak Repair Services:

  • slab leak repair services
  • sewer pipe repair services
  • sewer jetter services
  • water main repair services
  • water cleanup services
  • underground water leak repairs
  • water & sewer line replacement
  • trenchless sewer pipe repair
  • trenchless water main repair

Call us at (951) 344-5596 to book your free leak detection appointment or use the form below.

Leak Detection Equipment We Use

leak detection equipment we use

Detecting plumbing leaks can be a challenge because your home’s plumbing is often buried in concrete slab foundations and sealed in the walls.

If the source of a water or sewer leak is not obvious, you will want to contact an experienced leak detection company.

Trained technicians and specialized leak detection equipment can quickly find the leak source and repair it as soon as possible.

The good news is that today’s plumbing leak detection companies and equipment can avoid tearing up floors, or tearing down walls or ceilings to find the source of the leak and fix it.

We use several different types of leak detection equipment, including:

Video inspection that can see into the pipes by sending a camera down the pipes to find the location and cause of a leak.

Ultrasonic detection that uses sound technology to measure sound loss variations in the pipes.

Infrared leak detection that allows plumbers to see what is inside walls, beneath your floors, and underground the piping under ground.

Smoke detection in which harmless smoke is pumped into the pipes to emerge where a pipe leaks.

What are the common symptoms of leaky plumbing?

  • Cracks or wet spots appearing in your walls, floors, or ceilings.
  • Warm spots on the floor where hot water is leaking underneath.
  • Mildew or unusual moisture under carpets.
  • Hearing running water when all the fixtures in your home are turned off.
  • Nasty smells coming from floors or walls near drains or sewer piping.
  • Shifting or cracking of your foundation/slab.

Signs that you may have a water main leak include:

Decreased water pressure: Rust, scaling, and mineral deposits can build up inside and narrow your water main pipe significantly.

Increased water usage & bill: Periodically check the water usage in your home to see if there’s a sudden and unexplained spike in water use and water bill. A spike is often a sign of a new leak going unnoticed.

With a smaller and slow leak in the underground water main, damage may go undetected for months or years until it becomes too large to repair inexpensively.

Soggy areas in your yard: Areas in your yard of unusual vegetation growth, wet or sinking ground. With a large enough water main leak, the water shows up on the ground’s surface around your home. Squishy, muddy areas that aren’t caused by faulty sprinklers are likely coming from underground.

Unchecked, underground water main leaks can damage landscaping and your home’s foundation, adding repair costs. It’s better to detect leaks and fix or replace the water main early.

Fouled water coming into your home: Traces of rust or dirtier water coming from your faucets likely come from a deteriorating or split water main.


Get automated leak detection & water shut-off for peace of mind!

Moen Flo - leak detector and shut off

Image credit: Flo by Moen

Shutting your water off fast is a mission critical to preventing or limiting the damage that water leaks can cause.

Moen Flo® automates that process with a device that installs on your main water line and detects leaks up to one drop per minute.

It will automatically shut-off water to the house in the event of water leaks.

Smartphone enabled it will alert you to all water left running. You can turn the water on and off remotely.

See our short article on Automatic Leak Detection & Shut-Off for more info and a links to Moen and Amazon additional info.

How To Find A Water Leak

how to read water meter to find a leak by RT Olson Plumbing

How To Turn OFF The Water Main To House

How to shut off water to your house - featured image - RT Olson Plumbing Corona CA

Automatic Leak Shut-Off

Protect your home against water damage with Moen Flo leak sensor - RT Olson Plumbing in Corona CA

More Customer Reviews!

5.0 rating

Came within a few hours of calling the company, repaired the leak, cleaned the area up. Very impressed and would recommend them to anyone.


Diane M.

5.0 rating

Dave & Junior did a fantastic job, and under less-than-ideal circumstances with regards to the digging to expose the elbow that leaked! They found it, fixed it, refilled the pit, and cleaned up afterwards in good order.

Would HIGHLY recommend this team anyone who needs a difficult job WELL DONE!


Mike McCabe

5.0 rating

Kyle was fantastic. He identified the problem and explained everything to us in terms. Our options and he recommended the less expensive option, because it makes the most sense and is less intrusive. Note: Kyle spoke to us and not at us.

He then recommended Dry County Restoration to repair all of the damage from the broken pipe. Steve is amazing! He had fans out here for the flooding 20 minutes after we signed the contract. Again, he spoke to us and not at us.

Showed us where all the flooding was and why things needed to be replaced. He used some sort of electric tool thingy. Both companies are amazing. Local, family and veteran owned. You can’t beat that.


Lee Hargrove

5.0 rating

Cannot speak highly enough of this company – came right out to address our leak problem – very honest – attention to detail – came back the next day to repair our problem – highly recommend!


Karen Smith

5.0 rating

Kyle Deangelo came on time and worked hard to fix my homes leaking water line. This is the third time I’ve used RT Olson Plumbing and I honestly don’t even bother shopping for a better price. They have always been very fair and do outstanding work.


Doug P

5.0 rating

The guys did a great job with fixing my toilet and checked out why my dishwasher was leaking.

Will definitely call your company back when I need repairs in the future. When I called to make an appointment for repairs you came out the following day, which is awesome cause most places I called I had to wait a few days or more. I really appreciate the quick service.


Cindy Jones

5.0 rating

As homeowners running into a leak is absolutely terrifying. Luckily we found RT Olson plumbing. David and Jr came out did a leak detection and yep found where the leak was coming from.

They were very thorough and explained exactly what our options are to repair. Very professional and excellent customer service. Highly recommend RTOP


Catherine Prasavath

5.0 rating

5 star for excellence!! David and Jr came out to do a leak detection and found the issue. They were both very thorough and did a great job on their workmanship! Highly recommend these guys with RT Olson plumbing for any plumbing needs.


The Prasavath's

5.0 rating

I could not have asked for a more professional service. We had a below slab leak that we caught early. RTOP was able to get on the calendar as second plumber evaluation. Kyle, was the service tech to respond.

As a retired contractor and firefighter i have seen both ends of contracting and public service. Kyle knocked it out of the park from his first evaluation. We were expecting a 10k dollar plus repipe, and worried of how to absorb this hit. Kyle was able to reassure us he could find and stop the leak. Typically i would have blown that response off and went with another. He showed great humility, experienced knowledge and didnt go over the top.

Within an hour he was able to pinpoint the leak and stop it. As well as express the various types of repair’s . Because of the available money at hand and with his exceptional knowledge and reassurance we went with a pipping reroute.

Kyle nailed it. Perfect craftsmanship and attention to detail and homeowners concerns. RT Olson may have a new candidate for ownership. Thank you young man. Excellent job.


John S.

5.0 rating

A pipe busted and our garage and outside yard area flooded.

David and Junior (JR) were very communicative, shared their best plumbing practices and advice, and answered all of our questions! When they didn’t have an answer, they immediately connected with their boss to find the best solution or answer.

They were responsive, friendly, and professional, we will definitely do business with them in the future, if needed!


Celina Gonzalez

5.0 rating

David and Jr. were the definition of accurate and awesome! Two really personable guys that came in and handled business with no delay. They performed the leak detection and put me in contact with RT Olsens sister restoration company instantly. I am thoroughly satisfied! Can’t wait for the repair. Thanks again RT Olsen as well as David & Jr.


Celina Gonzalez

5.0 rating

We recently had a slab leak that ruined our flooring and lower kitchen cabinets. Bob Olson from RT Olson Plumbing quickly identified the source of the problem. Because we had a couple other slab leaks in the past, Bob recommended a whole-house re-pipe. Bob worked with Stephen Gimenez at Dry County Restoration and together, their crews took care of all of the problems caused by the water damage. Bob told us that our insurance should cover new flooring and kitchen cabinets, but our insurance company repeatedly tried to deny our claim.

Bob and Stephen advocated MANY TIMES on our behalf with our insurance adjuster, and if it hadn’t been for their knowledge about valid claims, our insurance company would have paid us ZERO. Instead, thanks to Bob and Stephen, our insurance company finally agreed to replace the flooring and the kitchen cabinets. In our case, this was over a $25,000 difference. Dry County Restoration completed the work, and the house looks beautiful!

We are so thankful to RT Olson Plumbing and Dry County Restoration. Thank you all so much! Sharon Bishop



5.0 rating

Technicians Dave and Junior at RT Olson Plumbing did an excellent job of determining the source of the water leak from my street drain, quoted me a reasonable price to repair, then completed the repair in good time.

I stayed to watch the detection process and was pleased that Dave showed a lot of knowledge and explained exactly what he was doing to detect where the leak was. After finding the source (an out-of-view valve in a valve box), Dave cleared the dirt from all 11 valves in the manifold, so any additional valves leaks would be evident, then replaced the bad valve.

These guys were friendly, knowledgeable and I’d recommend them for any plumbing job.


David W.

5.0 rating

Two words no one wants to hear – slab leak.

Had a slab leak, carpet saturated, dry wall wet, space behind fireplace wet and the plumber sent out by home warranty company COMPLETELY INEPT.

Had used RT Olson in the past and called Bob when it was clear we were going to have to get our homeowners insurance involved. Bob sent someone out immediately gave us a quote that was within industry norms and the insurance company approved it.

Three hours after beginning…. water restored to the house after 5 days without water, plumbing rerouted and pressure guage so that hopefully same problem would not occur again. So here is what YOU need to know.

If you have a leak – don’t wonder, think or consider about it – Call RT Olson because because they will fix it right the first time. Best plumbers around!! Thanks again!!!!


Jaime Steiner

5.0 rating

Your company was very prompt in fixing my slab leak.

All of the workers from your company at my home were knowledgeable and courteous. I received the same great customer support from your office.

I will definitely be using your company for all my plumbing needs and will be happy to recommend your company to my neighbors and friends in this area. Thanks again for you great customer support!


Jeff B

5.0 rating

Excellent, as you were able to diagnose our slab-leak problem accurately where 2 other companies failed.

Thank you for saving us money, time and stress.


Winsley Hector

5.0 rating

I had a slab leak in my home and RT Olson Plumbing promptly came out to my home where they found the leak very quickly and capped the line.

They later redirected the pipe to restore my water. I was very impressed with the quality & prompt service both at my home and when I called their office.


Jeffrey Bates

5.0 rating

My experience was good, they found leak, & trouble shoot what needed to be done.


Albert C

5.0 rating

Hot side slab leak- words that I used to fear would empty my wallet.

RT Olson not only gave me the most competitive quote, they had actually convince AAA to pay for the plumbing.

They were able to fix it quickly and help with the clean up. $0 out of my pocket makes me a happy man. Thanks for being awesome.


Wei Chi Kao

5.0 rating

Great experience. I’ve used this plumber twice. Once to find a leak in our walls and another to fix leaks in new sink drains after my husband tried to install on his own. Experienced plumber and excellent price.


Nancy S

5.0 rating

Bob and his staff are great to work with we had a great experience.

We needed a re pipe done and they did a great job, also had a issue with the water main leaking came out same day and fixed it. Fair prices u wont feel like your getting ripped off. We also referred to several friends who were very happy with there services.

Also … I highly recommend this company.


K. Enny

5.0 rating

As a busy mom with 5 kids, I was very overwhelmed with the stress of having a water leak but Bob was very patient with me and answered all of my questions.

His team came and quickly worked to get us back into our home. They were friendly and did amazing work. I am very thankful for Bob and his team.

What set Bob apart from the rest is as rocky as we started it out, he was very humble and honest and he really had my families best interest at heart and I am very grateful. Thank you.


Vanessa Jimenez

Bob was very professional. He found the leak that two other plumbers could not find. On top of that, he was the cheapest and walked me thru the process of filing a claim.


Ian Ong

5.0 rating

I highly recommend Bob and his crew very professional very easy to work with they care about the customer they detected a leak and did a repipe at my parents house we are very satisfied and happy with Rt Olson plumbing.


John Alvarez

5.0 rating

RT OLSON Plumbing, Bob Olson and his team came right away when I had Slab leak of the hot water from the concrete foundation of the house.

With Bob’s expertise and knowledge of his trade, they located the leaky pipes and re-route the new hot water pipes.

He also contacted my home insurance and provided them the detail what needed to be fix. Professional, reliable and trustworthy.

Awesome job guys. Would highly recommended!!!


Michael Devries

5.0 rating

The plumber was very respectful, came when he said he would . He did the job quickly and showed me what he had done. I tested it out before he left and the leak was fixed and I have had no further leaking problems. I would use them in the event of any further plumbing problems.


Jeanne O

5.0 rating

They were very prompt in responding to the water leak emergency we had in our house. Bob Olson and his team are very professional, caring and understanding. I definitely recommend his company to take care of any pluming problems.


Betty A

5.0 rating

I had a water leak but I didn’t know where it was coming from, called a different plumber before calling Bob. I saw a big difference between Bob and the other plumber.

Bob was able to come in on time, explain to me the issue and roughly how much it would cost in 2 cases and also explained to me the insurance process and what to do when it came to talking to you them. He came in the next day detecting where exactly the issue was, and told me straight up how much it would cost if he gets started on it.

The price was reasonable and I am very satisfied with the process. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would. I highly recommend them to everyone!!!!


Mariam Elshabasy

5.0 rating

RT Olson staff were professional and friendly. They explained in detail how they were going to fix the slab leak and what the challenges were that they would face.

They were prompt, efficient and cleaned up after they’re work was finished. At first there was a problem with the pressure regulator. They came back immediately and fixed it. I was without hot water for six weeks. RT Olson fixed it in two days!


Mary Kay R

5.0 rating

Clean, fast and great quality work.

Great price, and patient service. The plumber that came was on time, even stayed until the city came to fix the main shut of valve that I found leaking when I got home which took a couple of hours.

If you want quality work, go with them. It’s worth every penny. Would highly recommend.


Albert Gomez

5.0 rating

Very satisfied with service for slab leak detection and repair! Isolated leaking pipe and bypassed leaking section without any damage to slab and hardwood floor.

Fast and professional service. Price was reasonable.


Jim L

5.0 rating

Bob Olson and his guys did exactly what I was looking for, came early, found the leak in my wall super fast and found the problem to be very minimal, total cost was half what I expected. Even had them replace a stuck hose bib before they left.

Guys were professional, communication was quick, if needed I’ll use RT in the future for sure. Thanks!



5.0 rating

I had a main line water leak in the middle of the night. I contacted R T Olson plumbing first thing in the morning and they were very helpful from the minute I talked to them. Had a plumber out within 30 mins and fixed my problem in only a few hours.

I felt very comfortable with this company and didn’t feel like I was getting ripped off. They let me know step by step what they were doing and were very respectful.

Will definitely be calling them for any plumbing issues in the future. Thanks again.


Scott M

5.0 rating

Highly recommend this company. Very professional Affordable price Cleanliness Found the leak right away Tell you the plan before they do it.

Thank you, Bob and Chris you guys are truly professional.


Rocky Castillo

5.0 rating

On time, good communication, job had complications (water valve at street needs to be replaced). Extra help came, got the job done. Clean, Fit and Finish as expected.

Changed four shower stems/handles leak, installed drain in pedastal sink, washer hot water faucet leak, replaced main water valve, added anti siphon valve on pool water supply.


Josh S.

4.5 rating

The repairs we hired the plumber were fixed. However, other repair items developed. We need a referral to a leak detection company and a referral to company that can air high-pressure clean patio drains around the pool.

The contractor was more than prompt; the contractor was early for the appointment. The representative was cordial, professional, and responsive. The representative’s work was done well and on budget. Thank you.


Robert C.

5.0 rating

I had a slab leak. Bob was great. He is very professional and gave us a fair price, I will use him for all my jobs.


Greg G.

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