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Over 500 Five-Star Customer Reviews!

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Our Water Damage Services From Corona CA

RT Olson Plumbing is a IICRC certified water-damage restoration company located in Corona California.

We provide 24-hour availability for emergency water damage services in Corona, Riverside, Eastvale, Norco and the surrounding areas.

We perform both residential and commercial water damage repair services.

We’re a locally-owned, fourth generation plumbing company with highly-trained professionals experienced in water damage repairs, which includes leak detection, water extraction, drying, de-humidifying, decontamination, mold remediation, and restoration.

In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance will pay for 100% of all water damage mitigation services caused by a sudden plumbing leak.

Your deductible is likely to come into play only for the restoration part of the repairs. Consult your insurance policy and company for your specific coverage.

When you need emergency services for water damage from storms, broken plumbing, or flood damage, we respond quickly to repair plumbing, remove water and damaged materials, then professionally dry out the affected areas and prepare it for restoration.

Here’s what you can do immediately, even before we arrive:

  • Keep electrical power OFF to any wet appliances or fixtures
  • Shut off your water-main if the flooding is from plumbing (see how to shut off your water main here).
  • Call us immediately at (951) 344-5596
  • To prevent floor staining, remove colored objects that may stain the floors such as richly colored rugs, magazines, etc.
  • Lift furniture legs and feet away from wet carpets. Aluminum foil will prevent metal glides from making rust stains. Wood blocks can lift wooden sofa and table legs away from the water.
  • If the source of the flooding is already stopped, mop up what you can while waiting for our help to arrive. But avoid slippery areas; we’ll handle those. Do NOT try to vacuum up water with a household vacuum cleaner! We will be extracting the water far more thoroughly and safely using professional water cleanup procedures.
  • Preserve wood furnishings by wiping them dry.
  • Move books, art, wet cushions, etc. to a dry area.
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The Procedure for Emergency Services & Water Damage Repair:

Call Us For Water Damage Emergency Services

When you call us for your water damage emergency, we will ask questions to identify the extent of the leak and any water damage to your home.

Four classes of water damage: 

  • Class 1 is the least level of damage, affecting only part of a room that has absorbed little moisture.
  • Class 2 damage has affected an entire room and water has been absorbed into carpeting and walls.
  • Class 3 damage means that not only has water been absorbed into the walls, but it has saturated most of an area, or has come through the ceiling.
  • Class 4 damage has affected materials such as hardwood, stone, and concrete, and requires specialty drying equipment and techniques.

For us to respond the most quickly, it’s helpful to have the following information when you call us:

  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business.
  • The owner’s contact name and information.
  • Estimated cause of the water damage and when it occurred.
  • Whether electricity is available at the property.
  • The name of your homeowner’s insurance company.

Our Corona CA Water Damage Repair Process:

When we arrive, we will:

  • Determine the cause or source of the water damage (leak detection).
  • Stop the flow of water (shut off your water main).
  • identify if you have a water damage insurance claim.
  • Move any furniture you couldn’t manage away from wet floors.
  • Help move valuable items to a safe, dry area.
  • Search out the extent of water damage for safety considerations.
  • Assess the scope of the damage to determine the best plan of action.
  • Identify whether the water is clean, or contaminated with “gray water” or “black water.”
  • Extract as much water as possible using professional equipment.
  • Set up a drying process.
  • Perform necessary decontamination and disinfecting services.
  • Search out moisture travel in the structure to prevent mold growth.
  • Provide a professional damage survey for insurance claims.

We Begin By Removing the Water

We bring powerful, truck-mounted pumps and vacuum systems capable of removing thousands of gallons of water if necessary. These powerful water-extraction pumps will remove most of the water in the most thorough and efficient means possible.

Then we can begin a process of dealing with residual moisture. This requires the use of high-volume air movers set in strategic places around you home.

Porous surfaces, such as dry-wall, will hold moisture that you can’t feel with a touch. So do carpets.

That’s why we also de-humidify your home or business. Residual moisture, no matter how sell hidden, can turn into molds that impact your health. It can warp wood studs, walls, and cause a process of deterioration.

Even when carpeting finally feels dry to the touch, the pad underneath may be fairly saturated. We will inspect and determine whether the carpet and pad should be lifted or removed for thorough de-humidification and to protect sub-floors.

In cases of extensive water infiltration, a drying out process can take several weeks to fully complete. In cases where the home or business cannot be occupied while cleanup is occurring, we offer a Move-Out / Pack-Out service, where we can move the contents of the floor that’s damaged in your home or business to another location, usually a storage facility.  Ask us about our move-out and pack-out services.

high speed airflow dehumidifier

We Use Specialized Equipment for Water Damage Repair and Restoration Services

We have the specialized equipment to tell when your walls and floors have dried to acceptable, safe levels.

We also bring a hygrometer (hygrometers are designed to measure humidity and water vapor in the atmosphere, soil, or confined spaces), and other moisture detectors, such as infra-red, to find and eliminate residual moisture.

We use high-speed airflow equipment to speed the evaporation of moisture from carpeting, pads, sub-flooring, walls, and furniture.

We Perform Cleaning and Disinfection Services

After we’ve fixed the source of the water damage (excluding things like flash-floods or missing roofs), and after we’ve removed the water and dehumidified the structure, there’s still cleaning to do.

Floors, walls, and ceilings often need professional cleaning services.

After a flood, there is also the issue of odor removal and disinfecting the home, particularly in cases where black-water (sewage) has flooded in.

The IICRC S500 Standards and Reference Guide for Water Damages, lists three categories of water damage:  


  • Category 1 Water – This refers to what is basically “clean water” that came from your plumbing’s water lines, bathtub or sink overflows, or a broken washing machine, ice-maker, etc.). It poses the least health threat as long as it is cleaned up within 48 hours. Even Category 1 water will become Category 2 if let stand for over 48 hours. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, all contaminated and wet materials in your home should be removed, and cleaned or discarded within 48 hours.
  • Category 2 Water – This is “grey water” that contains enough chemical or biological contaminants to cause illness, discomfort, or sickness when exposed to it. It comes from toilet bowls, sump pump failures, or other sources of microorganisms. Even discharge from dishwashers may contain enough nutrients to feed micro-organisms that will affect health.
  • Category 3 Water – This refers to “black water” and is the most unsanitary. It is highly contaminated with unsanitary agents such as feces, sewage waste, and the harmful bacteria (and fungi) of their source. Category 3 water in the indoor environment can cause severe sickness or discomfort. Category 2 grey water allowed to remain stagnant may be re classified as Category 3 Water.

We Provide Odor Removal and Deodorization

To prevent mold and bacterial growth, carpeting, clothing, and drapery may need antimicrobial treatments.

Even the air in the home may require industrial grade air scrubbers to filter and purify the air of moisture and contaminating particles. In some cases, fogging equipment may also be used to cleanse your home or business of contaminants.

In the case of gray-water and black-water contamination, or if clean water flooding has lifted contaminants from dormant places into your home, you want professional sanitizing as part of your water damage restoration service.

Professional sanitizing may require antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments.

It’s not enough to simply mask smells with better smells. Real odor problems need to be dealt with correctly.

Can We Save Your Carpeting?

This depends on a few things. Restoration results depend heavily on the amount of water, and on the amount of time the water has remained stagnant.

If the carpeting was affected only Category 1 water, and has not been standing for longer than 48 hours, there’s a good chance your carpet can be saved.

But if carpeting was contaminated with “black water” (sewage based), or have soaked for longer than 48 hours, it likely cannot be restored adequately, and will have to be replaced.

Restoration To Home Condition You Had Before The Water-Damage

Even after we stop the source of the damage, remove water, dry the structure, dehumidify, and disinfect as necessary, you may need reconstruction of parts of your home or business in order to restore it to what is was before the water-damage occurred.

There could be a need for new floors, new carpets, removing and replacing damaged drywall, or re-painting.

We can recommend trustworthy, licensed contractors who perform the additional necessary services such as:

  • Carpet Replacement
  • Wood and tile flooring installation
  • Drywall installation, mudding, and texturing
  • Painting
  • Electrical work

Check out Wikipedia to learn more about water damage restoration.

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