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Over 500 Five-Star Customer Reviews!

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We have used RT Olson Plumbing more than a handful of times this past year. They are always prompt, professional, and easy to book with. We have specifically had Shane out to the house for all of our services. Whether for emergency repairs or regular plumbing needs, Shane has been a godsend. He is always helpful, informative, and professional. Thank you Shane and RT Olson Plumbing.

Brianne H.

RT Olson is great with their work and prices. Gabriel and Santos worked with me to resolve my issue with my main sewer drainage. I had roots growing into my drainage they cleaned it out and then did a Trenchless sewer repair and also installed a two way access to the line. For future access. They responded quickly and got it resolve as quick as possible.

Dario K.

We hired RT Olson plumbing for a leak we found in one of our bedrooms. David G. came out the same day to diagnose the problem. He returned the following day with Junior and found we had a slab leak. Since the minute they walked in the door they were very professional and polite. David informed us of our options for repairing the issue without any pressure or trying to sell us on one particular option. Since both our bathrooms were out of commission he offered to prioritize our home early the next day to do a temporary re route so we’d have at least one of our bathrooms working. He and Junior came out early the following day and completed the job efficiently and with cleanliness. David has done an amazing job working with me on what was needed in the home and Junior never failed to ask permission or be polite the entire time. Thank you RT Olson for hiring not only knowledgeable professionals, but also well mannered people.
Luiz P.

When was your last plumbing inspection?

Plumbing leaks and sewer blockages can cause a lot of costly damage to a home.

Making sure your water and sewer drain systems are operating properly helps prevent expensive repairs from arising.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Your home’s plumbing systems should be inspected annually to help prevent catastrophic and expensive leaks and water damage repairs.

Protect your home – water leaks can cause serious and very expensive damage to your home. Plumbing inspections can catch many leaks before they occur by identifying small leaks and troublesome valves, parts, and pipes before they cause problems..

Protect your personal property – water leaks don’t just do damage to the structure of your home like its floors, walls, and ceilings, they also can damage your personal property like furniture, artwork, photos, clothing, and personal items.

Insurance coverage for water damage to personal property is usually very limited (consult your insurance policy & agent).

Save money – protect your home, personal property, and wallet by preventing leaks as much as possible before they occur with an annual plumbing inspection.

Our whole-house plumbing inspection service includes:

(for homeowners only):

Visual Inspection: $89

Inspect all sinks, faucets, toilets, tubs, showers, water heater, hose bibs, pipes, and all fixture connections.

Checks for pressure, leaks, faulty parts, working valves, and proper installation of all appliances and fixtures.

  • water pressure test
  • water leak check
  • inspect & test water main shut-off valve
  • inspect & test all water shut-off valves
  • inspect & test sinks, toilets, showers, baths
  • inspect & test water heater (temperature, relief valve, pilot, pipes, fittings, rust)
  • inspect & test water heater vent
  • inspect & test laundry room valves
  • inspect & test outdoor hose bibs & pipe
  • inspect & test drains at all fixtures

If you are looking for ways to avoid expensive water leaks and sewer clogs in your home, then annual plumbing inspections are a great idea. 

Camera inspection: $99 add-on

The drains and sewer line can only be properly checked by sending a camera into the line to inspect them for clogs or damage all the way to the street and city sewer connection.

Sewer cameras can inspect hundreds of feet of sewer line and visually show the plumber any clogs as well as the condition of the pipe.

house for sale - get a plumbing inspection

Buyer Beware!

NEVER buy a home without making it subject to a plumbing inspection while in escrow!

If you are buying a new home or commercial building it is important to have a plumbing inspection to avoid any unknown and costly plumbing problems.

The sewer line needs to be inspected with a camera to make sure the sewer line is in good shape.

Deep clogs, tree roots, landscaping work, ground-shifting, and other factors often affect sewer lines which is usually not covered by insurance.

All too often unsuspecting home buyers are caught with paying tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace a damaged main sewer line on a home they just bought.

A typical “home inspection” will not catch a sewer line problem, or most other plumbing problems.

These “home inspectors” merely turn on water faucets and flush toilets to make sure water runs and then drains away. There is no inspection of the pipes, valves water heater, washer hoses, and sewer line.

The internet is full of first-hand horror stories from new homeowners stuck with very expensive  sewer line repairs that were not caught in the buying process and not covered by insurance.

Don’t be one of them, hire a plumber to do a professional plumbing and sewer inspection BEFORE you close escrow. And make the purchase “subject to” the results of the inspection, this way you can renegotiate or exit the contract depending on the results.

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