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We provide professional slab leak detection services at no cost to the homeowner. Call us today at (951) 533-5071.

A slab leak means that one or more potable water supply pipes (embedded in or under the concrete slab beneath your home), developed a pin hole, split, broke, or burst.

Because the leaking pipes are basically inaccessible to the homeowner, these water leaks require a plumber who specializes in slab-leak detection and uses highly specialized equipment that can find any leak.

It’s essential that slab leak detection services be conducted by trained technicians. Water damage often triggers the need for an insurance claim, and everything must be done in the proper order for maximum coverage. Leak and insurance experience matters.

At no cost to the homeowner, we’ll use high-tech equipment to locate any slab foundation leak, guaranteed.

We’ll then present all options to fix the leak and if there’s water damage, or if repairs would cause damage, we’ll also provide a free damage report for your insurance company and help you work with them to get covered.

We’ll provide flat-rate costs to repair the leak so you know the price up front and there’s no surprises in the end.

Oftentimes your homeowner’s insurance will pay for the cost of leak detection and a water line re-route if it will prevent further damage or save them money. Check with your insurance adjuster.

All our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Our FREE Slab Leak Detection Service Includes:

using thermal camera to find slab leak-

Looking for leaks with a Thermal Camera

Our thermal cameras allow us to see hot or cold water leaks in walls, floors, and ceilings.

This one has spotted a hot water leak in the foundation near the wall (shown in red).

listening for leaks in slab foundation

Listening for leaks with an Ultrasonic Detector

Ultrasonic detectors helps us follow the leak by detecting which pipes have the strongest sounds.

This tool lets us trace the leak to nearby manifolds to determine where the leaking pipe leads to.

listening for next manifold from slab leak

Listening for where leaking pipe leads to

Our ultrasonic detectors let us trace the leaking pipe to the nearest manifold where we can cut and cap it to stop the leak.

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What are the common signs of a leaking slab foundation?

  • Wet or warm floors.
  • Water bills have risen without explanation.
  • Unpleasant odors coming from floors or walls near drain piping, or outside.
  • Wet areas outside in your yard.
  • Cracks in your foundation.

See our simple instructions on how to find a water leak in your home to identify if you have a water leak, and if it’s inside or outside the home.

For more info on slab leaks and what insurance usually covers, see our article titled, “What is a slab leak?”

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