How to shut-off water to your home in a leak emergency!

Step 1. Find the location where your main water pipe enters your home. This is usually where there’s a hose bib at the front or side of house.

Step 2. Turn the handle or valve on it so it no longer lines up with the pipe. Turn it to a 90 degree angle to the pipe that goes into your home, as is shown in our featured image at top.

That will turn off all water to the inside of the house and stop any additional water damage if you have a leak.

Note: if your leak is between the house and the water meter, then it will still be leaking because we’ve only just shut off water to the house, not the yard.

If the water main pipe from the meter to house is leaking or a sprinkler valve or the main sprinkler feed, then water must be shut off at the water meter.

Important: many water districts do NOT allow you to touch this shut-off valve and may fine you if you do. Usually the main shut-off valve requires a special key to open and close the valve.

In some areas they don’t let plumbers touch the water meter or shut-off valve either.

If your leak location is not obvious, before you call the water company, first be sure that you have a leak and if it’s inside your home or outside in your yard.

Use a simple water leak meter test to locate the leak.

Once you’re certain the leak is between the water main and your home, then call your water utility company to inform them and request the main be shut off so repairs can be made.

If possible, coordinate this with your plumber because the plumber first needs the water on to better locate the leak.


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