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Water Heater Flush

Improve performance, save energy, and extend the life of your water heater!

Our $59 Water Heater Flush Special Includes:

  • flush tank sediment using water heater hose bib

  • pilot operation check

  • gas valve check

  • thermostat check & adjustment

Benefits Include:

  • removes sediment from water heater
  • heats your water faster
  • maintains hot water temperature
  • stops popping sounds from water heater
  • extends the life of your water heater
  • save energy and $$$ on utility bills

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Watch the video of a water heater flush!

Watch as we flush the sediment out of a water heater. See how much dissovled minerals comes out.

This sediment is blocking heat, making the water heater work harder, providing inconsistent temperatures, taking longer to heat water, and reducing the lifespan of your water heater.

Get an annual water flush to extend the life of the water heater and improve its performance so you can enjoy consistent hot water when you need it.

water heater flush and checkup

Upgrade: POWER Flush = $139

Sometimes a water heater has so much dissolved rock inside (from old age and hard water), that the standard hose bib on the unit gets completely clogged and must be removed and a port valve installed, which then becomes a power flush of your water heater.

A POWER Flush includes:

  • remove existing hose-bib from water heater and install a port valve

  • flush tank sediment using port valve

  • pilot operation check

  • gas valve check

  • thermostat check & adjustment

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